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Welcome to Skunked, a site we hope will provide a real resource of value to the pro-Marijuana legalisation lobby in the UK. Whilst our opinions will never allow us to be truely neutral, we do hope the information you find here is as well balanced as it is well argued. We will try not to wear our rose-tinted spectacles all the time!


In the news:
While no sensible person believes cannabis is totally safe, even police chiefs back moves to decriminalise the drug. Only the politicians still seem irrationally terrified by the idea of any relaxation in the law: they think they can continue in the old way, lumping all drugs together.

New Scientist - Marijuana Special Report - Let's be adult about this

Cannabisness: springing up Simon Woodroffe, founder of the Yo! Sushi restaurant chain, is among investors standing by - among them pop stars, venture capitalists and even a television racing pundit. While most established businesses are keeping silent on their plans, Woodroffe is looking to create an "elegant" range of high class cannabis bars in London that would redefine the drug's image.

London Evening Standard - Cannabisness: springing up

Much of the information contained on this website would be illegal were it to be practiced in most countries around the world - including the UK. Our intent is to educate and inform NOT to encourage anyone to break the law.