Growing Marijuana in the UK

A complete guide to everything you wanted to know about growing marijuana in the UK, but were just too stoned to ask.

By Sensi Sid

The author does not claim originality for this guide. It has been assembled from a variety of sources, mainly on the Internet, and edited so that only the information relevant to a UK grower is included. Many thanks to all those clandestine authors who provided such a wealth of data. You are encouraged to distribute this guide as widely as possible; however, do not pretend you wrote it and don't try to make any money from it.

Location, heating & ventilation
Lighting Systems & Techniques
Germination & Vegetative Stage
Flowering stage, harvesting & curing

Cannabis is an annual herb - that is to say it germinates, flowers, sets seed and dies in one year. Male and female flowering parts appear on separate plants (although it is possible to grow hermaphrodites).

Cannabis Sativa Leaf

Cannabis has two main varieties, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica.

Sativa is characterised by a tall growth habit, slender fingered leaves, lowish flower to leaf ratio and rather long flowering period.

Indica is characterised by a bushier growth pattern with wider fingered leaves, a higher flower to leaf ratio and a shorter, more predictable flowering period.

When smoked, sativa gives a clear, up, cerebral high while indica produces a 'stonier' more physical hit. In the last few decades, enthusiasts have created sativa/indica hybrids which combine the best features of both varieties.

The weather in the UK does not entirely suit the requirements of what is, essentially, a tropical plant. This guide attempts to show how a carefully controlled environment coupled with a suitable choice of plant variety can produce herb of the highest quality. In the author's opinion, herb

Cannabis Indica Leaf

grown organically tastes and smells better than hydroponically grown; therefore a compost-based method is fully described but fans of hydroponic methods will find that the principles outlined still hold good.

Where to grow Outdoors The growing season in the UK is rather short. Cannabis is induced to flower when the daylight has reduced to about 13 hours per day. This happens sometime during September, therefore the plant has only 6 to 10 weeks flowering time before the first frost kills the plant.

September and October can also be cold and wet, increasing the chances of fungus and disease ruining the crop. There are varieties bred especially for outdoor growing in Northern Europe, but these tend to give poorer results than the best indoor or greenhouse types.

Much of the information contained on this website would be illegal were it to be practiced in most countries around the world - including the UK. Our intent is to educate and inform NOT to encourage anyone to break the law.

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