Rolling Techniques

More marijuana origami...

Showing the tip roach

The Alternative Roach
We particularly like this tip, as it produces a very smooth smoke. Using a cigarette again, pinch the tip off completely - about 1 cm in length. Pick you favourite paper method, and use the tip as a roach. You'll find the remainder of the tobacco is just the right amount to pack out the roll-up (fig.12).

The final result.

(fig.13) show the final neat result.

The SKD Ultimate Roll
This is without a doubt the best and coolest way to roll - pure SKD, remember where you saw it first!! This technique does take some practice to do well, but it is dead easy to learn

Glue the papers along their
long edges.

First off, we need three papers, though we won't be rolling with all three, the third will be used to actually help the other two stick together. Line the first two papers along their top edges behind each other - about a 15 mm overlap should be fine.

Flick the front paper foward with your forefinger, and lick enough sticky to glue the paper behind (fig.14) so far so good.

Fold the third paper gummed
edge outwards

Take the third paper and fold in half, with the gummed edges facing outwards (fig.15).

Place the third paper in between
the other two papers

Then take the third folded paper, and lick the gummed edge on both sides of the paper. This does requires some care otherwise you'll end up with a soggy mess.

Then take the now gummed third piece, and place in between the two original papers, with the fold of the third paper to the top (fig.16).

Flatten the two original pieces on top of the folded third, you should see the damp gum seep through into the papers on top and bottom. When this happens, carefully separate the three papers, completely removing the third, and push the original two back together.

The two glued with the third
paper's gum

If your effort doesn't look like (fig.17) on the right then start again and keep practising!

The larger photo of (fig.17) shows how the gum has seeped through the paper, both papers are now glued without the need for a third paper - magic!

Load the paper, mixture and
roach into the mat and carefully
close around

Rub the two sides together
a few times, push the gummed
edge to the top

The lazy roll
Ok, so you've read, re-read and practiced, and it is just not happening. Here is the solution for you...

A Sushi rolling mat. These things are the simplest ways to roll a joint, the only disadvantage is you get very straight rolls, so if you want the trademark "Marley cone" ya gonna have to use one of the other methods. Otherwise, it's dead simple:

The finshed product

Load the mat, with the paper, mixture, and roach. Rub the two sides together, until the gummed edge slides to the top, lick the edge, and then roll through.

Much of the information contained on this website would be illegal were it to be practiced in most countries around the world - including the UK. Our intent is to educate and inform NOT to encourage anyone to break the law.

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