Rolling Techniques

Techniques and styles for rolling that perfect joint time after time.

Gentlemen - select your weapons

Rolling the perfect joint
Producing a consistently good roll-up is something that without doubt takes practice, but with knowledge of some good techniques and a few tips, it can become much easier.

Here we present 3 different rolling styles for you to play with, remember practice makes perfect, and before you know it you'll be able to roll a joint one-handed walking down the street on a windy day (the guy in the pictures does!).

Remember, the text under each picture links to a larger image.

The basics
Readers from other countries may find this strange but most rollers in the UK will mix their chosen ingredients with tobacco - mixes can be expensive over here, and so it pays to stretch them out a little. Many smokers just take a cigarette, turn the tobacco end down, and squeeze until the leaf drops out. This can be messy, and lacks finese (not the SKD way).

Two spit cigarettes. The lower
illustrates the seam method.

The image on the left shows two similar superior methods. A slightly damp tongue, run the length of the cigarette, softens the paper enough to simply split the cigarette lengthways in between your thumbs.

This technique is improved on by running your tongue along the length of the seam of the cigarette. This then allows you pinch the tip of the cigarette, and pull back, a neat seam is then exposed.

The Standard 3 Paper Strategy
Many people stick with this method for rolling - usually the first technique they learned. It consists of three papers (fig. 1), two of which are partially glued lengthways to extend the length (fig. 2). The third is then glued accross the back of the two papers, securing the sections together (fig. 3).

Getting started, the three papers

Joining the first two papers

Securing with the third paper

The excess is then trimmed (fig. 4), and you're ready to rock... and roll.

Removing the excess

Filling, and adding roach

Rolling - the inital pinch

The final roll

Firming up & packing down

Notice how we insert the roach *before* we start rolling (fig. 5). Fig.6 shows the all important pinch, with the thumbnail, allowing us to move into the final roll (fig.7).

Notice in (fig. 8) the packing device - the flint insert from a standard lighter does just the job!

Now here at SKD, we're not a great fan of this method, firstly because you end up smoking loads of paper, and we're not here to smoke paper, and secondly, well frankly it's just not very cool.

Gum the
long edge to the short

The Two Paper Pyramid
Other than only using two papers, this technique is useful for those of us that need a little more room to roll.

Take the two papers, and glue the the short edge of one paper to the long edge of the other (fig.9), taking care not to wet the whole of the long edge.

Folding the corner into the long
edge of the second paper

Tearing the diagonal fold

At this point, we still have un-needed paper. Fold the corner of the paper glued along it's long edge (fig.10) into the edge of the second paper.

A few more folds, and you'll have a beautiful swan... sorry origami is the next section.

The final result

Very slightly, run your tongue along the edge of the fold we've just made to soften it, and tear along the diagonal (fig.11).

The final result is shown in (fig.12).

The next page we discuss rolling with a sushi mat, an alternative roach, and the SKD ultimate rolling technique - remember where you saw it first!

Much of the information contained on this website would be illegal were it to be practiced in most countries around the world - including the UK. Our intent is to educate and inform NOT to encourage anyone to break the law.

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